Share Your Library Story

Share Your Library Story

We all love a good story...

Your library means a lot to you – and your library story means the world to us! Please share your memories and stories of the library’s importance to you, your family, and your community.* Your story can take any number of forms – funny anecdotes, treasured memories, or thoughtful reflections. We are ultimately interested in creating a multimedia display of stories, so we welcome photo and video submissions as well as written stories.

These singular stories will eventually coalesce into the library’s legacy – providing us with a living document that demonstrates how the library has changed lives and helped to form our community.

You can read some of our stories here.

Your story may be submitted below, turned in at any library desk, or posted on social media using the hashtag #myBPLstory. Photo and video submissions (less than 10 mb) should be emailed here

Thanks for sharing!

*By sharing your story you are allowing the Library to use all or part in BPL promotional materials.