Library Access for all BUSD Students

The BConnectED program, a partnership between Burbank Public Library and the Burbank Unified School District, encompasses all grades TK-12, responding to the need for all students to be able to access online resources as well as physical library materials.

Middle and high school students can use their student ID cards as a library card. All elementary school students were issued special BConnectED cards in 2020. Each fall, new TK, kindergarten, and elementary students will receive a BConnectED card through their school.

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Q. I lost or never received my BConnectED card, can we get a replacement card?
A. Yes, elementary students can request a replacement here. Middle and high school students should request replacement student ID's through their school.

Q. What is my PIN number?
A. Your PIN number is your student's lunch code.

Q. Can I change my student's PIN number?
A. Unfortunately no, not at this time.

Q. My child is a BUSD Elementary school student and hasn’t received their special Burbank Library card yet, can we still use the library’s resources?
A. Yes! While you wait for your card to arrive you can use your student’s nine digit student ID number as a library card number, and their five digit lunch code as the pin number on all of our eLibrary and Student Help resources.  You can even use it to put books on hold in our catalog.

Q. Can I use my student ID/BConnectED card to check out books?
A. Yes! You can use your student ID to check out books at any of our libraries. To put a book on hold before you go to the library: find the book in our catalog and click the blue “place hold” button. Enter the nine digit number on your student ID/BConnectED as your library card number, and your five digit lunch code as your pin.

Q. Can I use my student ID/BConnectED card to check out eBooks and eAudiobooks?
A. Yes! You can create an account with anyone of the elibrary services below using your student ID/BConnectED card. Enter the nine digit number on your student ID/BEConnectED card as your library card number, and your five digit lunch code as your pin.  Check out the elibrary page of our website for more instructions on how to create accounts with:

                Hoopla – A digital streaming service with eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, movies, and TV shows

                Libby – eBooks, eMagazines, eComics, and eAudiobook collection

                Kanopy - video streaming service with documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films and educational videos

                TumbleBooks – For access to free animated picture books

Q. Can I use my student ID/BConnectED card to access databases?
A. Yes! Whenever a database from our list of resources asks you to enter your library card number, patron ID, or barcode you can enter the nine digit number on your student ID/BConnectED card. Below is a short video on using our online tutoring database HelpNow.

                HelpNow - personalized homework help in core subjects and on demand eLearning for all ages and levels!

Q. I’m entering my student ID/BConnectED number like you told me to and I still can’t get in, what else should I try?
A. Try adding 22142 to the beginning of your student ID/ BConnectED number.  

Q. What if a database is asking me for a username and password?
A. Some databases will provide you with an opportunity to create a free account to save your work.  Is it optional to create these accounts and up to you what username/email and password you set for yourself – the library does not set these up. Remember to keep track of whatever account logins you create, so you can sign in using that information in the future.


BConnectED started in 2017 with a pilot program for BUSD 6th graders to use their student ID cards as Burbank Public Library cards, with their lunch code serving as PIN. In 2018 and 2019, the program was expanded to include all middle and high school students. In 2020 all elementary students were onboarded and issued special BConnectED library cards. The goal of the program is to improve access and equity by removing a barrier for students whose parents may not be able to bring them to the Library to obtain a card. The partnership is governed by a memorandum of agreement that protects student privacy, as agreed to by the Burbank City Council and BUSD Board of Education.