Library Card Eligibility

Last Reviewed: June 2021

Burbank Public Library Policy: Library Card Eligibility

I. Purpose

Burbank Public Library makes checkout of Library materials and other services available only to users who are registered with a Library card. This policy identifies who is eligible for Library accounts and what the requirements for registration are.

II. Policy 

  1. All residents of the State of California are eligible for free service at Burbank Public Library, regardless of whether their residence is in the City of Burbank.
  2. Residents from outside California may obtain a free account only by in-person registration. Online Library card registration is limited to California residents.
  3. Individuals of all ages may register for a Library account. Users under the age of 18 must have approval of a parent or guardian to obtain an account.
  4. Certain types of accounts provide complete access; access to online items and limited physical items only; or access to online items only.
  5. Library account holders will be required to verify their identity and address every three years in order to maintain access.
  6. Maintaining an account in good standing is required to be able to check out physical or electronic Library materials; Library accounts in good standing may also be required for access to other services including but not limited to: public computers, the Spark! Digital Media Lab, and Library programs.
  7. An account in good standing is defined as an account that is not expired and that has fees below the threshold to suspend access. Individuals who have had Library privileges suspended due to a violation of the Rules of Conduct may in some cases have their accounts suspended.
  8. Users will be issued a personal identification number (PIN) that is required for use of services such as online account access, self-service checkout machines and eBooks.
  9. Users who lose their cards must report that to the Library immediately so the account can be canceled and a new card number issued. There is no fine for a replacement card.
  10. One individual is not allowed to have multiple Library cards, with the exception of students automatically enrolled in the BConnectED program who already have an account.
  11. Card holders may not utilize someone else’s card without their permission. Unauthorized use of a card may be grounds for suspension of Library privileges.
  12. Possession of a card is considered permission for use. However, Library staff have the right to request additional identification if they have reason to suspect the person presenting the card is not the cardholder.

III. Proof of identity and proof of address requirements

  1. Individuals are required to prove identity and address in order to obtain an account. In the case of minors, the parent or guardian shall provide proof of identity and address.
  2. If different documents are used to demonstrate proof of identity and proof of address, the name must match on both documents.
  3. The following will be accepted as proof of identity:

              a. State or federally issued photo ID, such as driver’s license, state ID card or passport 
              b. School-issued photo ID 
              c. Commercially-issued photo ID, such as gym membership card 

        4. The following will be accepted as proof of address: 

              a. Driver’s license 
              b. Lease, utility bill, car registration or similar 
              c. Mail received by the applicant at the address in question, postmarked within the last 30 days 
              d. Delivery receipt showing the applicant’s name and address from within the last 30 days 

        5. Individuals who cannot prove identity or address are eligible for a courtesy card, providing limited access to Library resources. Courtesy cards may be upgraded by
visiting a Library location with proof of identity and address. Courtesy cards may be renewed without providing proof of identity or address. 

        6. eCards obtained through the Library website do not allow for proof of identity or address and therefore offer limited access. eCards may be upgraded by visiting a Library location with proof of identity and address. 

        7. Any requests for exception to proof of identity and/or address must be approved by Library Administration in advance.